PPN is a gathering place for women who are living ministry! We have been in existence since 1998 and have been a blessing and encouragement to women all over the world. We provide free resources such as articles by our PPN writing team, message boards and conferences but more important you'll find women sharing openly and honestly about the journey.

Introducing Melissa Kelly, PPN Writer & Board Member

I’d like to introduce myself. I am first and foremost a wife, mother, daughter and friend. My husband, Sean and I pastor a wonderful A/G church in southern Illinois, where I am the pastor over the children’s and youth ministries as well as the women’s ministry. I was called into ministry at the age of 8 during a summer Christian camp. I have done just about everything in the church, filling in when needed in every area of the church. I have two great passions when it comes to ministry, one is too see women grow in Christ and realize that God can use them and wants to use them to reach the lost and bring Him glory. The other passion is reaching the children and youth of this generation. They are the future of the church! The children and youth will one day be the pastors, deacons, music leaders, children’s pastor, Sunday school teachers, greeters and ushers. I love to write, preach, teach and serve where ever God needs me to reach just one soul. My husband (the love of my life) and I have been married for 12 years and have 4 beautiful children all under the age of 10.

I came to know Deanna through one of my dearest friends, Michele. There was a time when I felt completely alone in the ministry. I was really struggling and had no one to talk to that understood the pressures and stress as well as the joy and happiness of being a pastor's wife. Michele told me about Deanna's blog and about Pastoring Partners Network. I was so excited! This Network of women became a life line to me. I can post my frustrations, prayer requests and questions and never feel ashamed or embarrassed about what I am going through and know that these women genuinely love and support me. The best part is you can do it all in private undercover names or you can just be yourself. The encouragement and support is invaluable. Knowing there were other women in the ministry dealing with the same things meant the world to me at that time and now! Through the Network I was able to meet Jessica, Tara, Leanne and others. I first got to know Deanna through her daily writings. Then she and Michele began talking about the Unstoppable Conference and I knew I had to go.
Let me tell you something, Deanna pours her life and soul into everything she does! The Unstoppable Conference was OUT OF THIS WORLD! My life was changed. The worship was off the chart, the speakers were right to the point and relevant to exactly what I was dealing with and the friendships that were created that weekend are cherished! Meeting Deanna, Tara and Jessica was fantastic and we keep in contact almost daily. Let me tell you these women are Godly women who truly care about me and are part of Pastoring Partners Network. I wrote much more about that weekend on my personal blog, The Diaperheads here, here and here. Words, no matter how many can explain what God did in my life through this conference or through this wonderful network of women. My hopes and prayers are that you will get connected with this group of women and will grow in the Lord!

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