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Christmas Messes

A few weeks ago God really ministered to me through a story a friend shared about her adventures of decorating for Christmas, yes her home has been decorated for Christmas since Nov 5th, which totally amazes me. Anyway she shared with a group of us women what God showed her during that time and while she was sharing God showed me some more things that I would like to expand on here. So a little story and then what God has showed me through the story and through my friend.
It’s Christmas and you have planned to decorate your home to the fullest. Out in the garage where you have stored all of your decorations sits many, many, boxes to bring in. There are many boxes, from ornaments, the trees, to candles and lights to get out. The task seems unending and at times overwhelming but you have set in motion a plan and purpose for each ornament. You have a plan, a goal…a picture of how you want your home to look. So you bring in the boxes and already the room seems over filled with projects and you haven’t even started. Opening the first box you begin to decorate the first room. The first tree is ready to decorate and there are ornaments to unwrap, small boxes & paper scattered everywhere, a pile of messes here and there, throughout the house. As you are putting on the last ornament of that tree and think, ahhh this area is done, you turn around and what do you find, little messes, more work. You think to yourself I am never going to get done on time. If you allow the little messes to distract you from your goal of a beautifully decorated home you can become over consumed with the little messes and want to quit. But you have a goal so you push forward clean up those messes and start on the next room, and as you finish that room you turn and find you have left behind many more messes, sometimes the thoughts of decorating for holidays can be an overwhelming task instead of a joyous event. And so the day goes…..As you finish your decorating for the holidays and clean up all the boxes & papers and take them out to storage you realize your project is done. Your reward – a beautiful home for the family to enjoy during the Christmas season.
Well here’s the deal…our lives are like this project. You see God has a plan, a goal for our lives and in the process of working towards that goal, little messes happen around us. A financial storm, the car breaks down, an illness, a broken relationship, sin, problems at work, problems at home, problems at church…ect. But through those little messes that God has allowed to take place, His plan is always in focus. He has a reason for those messes. It takes those messes to create the person He wants us to be. He has a purpose for each and every one. You are walking through a financial mess, a broken heart, death of a loved one, a specific sin (yes He uses those too), ministry hardships, all for His Ultimate Plan. He uses those to build character, strength, patience. He uses those messes because He wants to use you to minister to others that are walking through those same situations. If you have walked through, you have firsthand knowledge and can help others walk through it as well. You see God’s ultimate plan for us will not be completed until the day we stand before Him in heaven. So each struggle you are going through has a purpose! No they are not always joyful to go through. Yes, we all struggle and we wonder when God will rescue us from it. But when we have made it through and yes you will make it through, God is going to get the glory and You will be amazed at how you have come through. In the New Living translation, Isaiah 43:2 says, “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you.” THROUGH!!! It doesn’t say when you stay in, doesn’t say stuck in, doesn’t say stop in…it says THROUGH!! Catch this, let it sink in and when it has you are gonna wanna shout! You are going to go THROUGH the messes,BUT you will reach the other side, you are NOT STUCK!!! WOO HOO!!! Thank you Jesus!