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Breathe Deep...

The words to an early 1990s song run through my head like a mantra today.

Breathe deep, breathe deep the breath of God.

So much to do - so much packing, planning, wrapping up, moving forward, money is tight, life is uncertain, time is running out.

Breathe deep, breathe deep the breath of God.

My head throbs with pain, stress-related headaches, earaches, toothaches. The antibiotics and infection are gone, but the pain remains. An hour soaking in the tub; another hour lying on the couch, head back, surrounded by silence, breathing deep. Wondering if I will need to take this amount of time each day just to feel normal?

Breathe deep, breathe deep the breath of God.

Maybe this is not a bad thing. Maybe there is something to "Be still and know that I am God." Maybe He meant it. Maybe He meant it when He said to remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.

Breathe deep, breathe deep the breath of God.

It is like oxygen. It is like cool water on a painful burn. It is more than a luxury; it is a necessity. Today I didn't ask Him for anything. I didn't follow any formulas - no SOAP or ACTS model for me. No chapter a day bookmark, no music softly playing in the background.

I just...breathed.

When people leave the church

Have you gone through some of your worst frustrations in ministry due to the situation and aftermath of people leaving the church?

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